Avatar upload sample is same size as thumb

When I upload an image to be the avatar it is showing up the same size as the 50px thumb. The crop button is much lower and so it appears that the only problem is the display image to be cropped is not the correct size.

I am using the buddypress default theme and it is up to date

  • DavidM
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    Hi paid2trade,

    I was trying out the Avatars plugin on a test site only to realize you were referring to the BuddyPress avatars!

    I just gave the latest version of BuddyPress with the BP default theme a try and didn't experience any difficulties with the avatar sizing or cropping (ie the image to be cropped was the correct size).

    Do you have other plugins that might be conflicting with this process though?

  • paid2trade
    • New Recruit

    Yes, actually I have quite a few and it did work before. Here is my list. This avatar issue is frustrating. I have had other avatar issues as well like the upload simply not showing up.

    I am going to take the plugins down tonight and see if that helps but it would be nice to just be able to change the code and make it work.



    Ad Injection
    Settings | Deactivate

    Injects any advert (e.g. AdSense) into your WordPress posts or widget area. Restrict who sees the ads by post length, age, referrer or IP. Cache compatible.
    Version | By reviewmylife | Visit plugin site
    Select After The Deadline After The Deadline

    Adds a contextual spell, style, and grammar checker to WordPress. Write better and spend less time editing. Visit your profile to configure. See the Proofreading Support page for help.
    Version 0.49007 | By Raphael Mudge | Visit plugin site
    Select Block-Spam-By-Math-Reloaded Block-Spam-By-Math-Reloaded
    Deactivate | Edit

    This plugin protects your Wordpress 3.x login, comments, and new user/new blog signup process against spambots with a simple math question. This plugin adds an extra layer of protection against comment spam and spam blog creation bots. While nothing is 100% fool proof the concept has been proven many times in various forms in the past. Block Spam By Math Reloaded combines the features of WPMU Block Spam By Math and the original Block Spam By Math into one plugin that supports the Wordpress 3.x and Buddypress 1.2.7 platforms. This plugin is based on the original Block-Spam-By-Math plugin created by Alexander Grau.
    Version 2.1.1 | By James Pegram | Visit plugin site
    Select BuddyPress BuddyPress
    Deactivate | Edit

    Social networking in a box. Build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of WordPress.
    Version 1.2.8 | By The BuddyPress Community | Visit plugin site
    Select BuddyPress Docs BuddyPress Docs
    Deactivate | Edit

    Adds collaborative Docs to BuddyPress
    Version 1.0.7 | By Boone B Gorges | Visit plugin site
    Select BuddyPress Follow BuddyPress Follow
    Deactivate | Edit

    Allow your site members to follow other members' activity.
    Version 1.0 | By Andy Peatling | Visit plugin site
    Select FullThrottle Calendar FullThrottle Calendar
    Deactivate | Edit

    A feature rich calendar plugin for WordPress.
    Version | By FullThrottle Development | Visit plugin site
    Select Membership Premium Membership Premium
    Deactivate | Edit

    A Membership system plugin
    Version 2.0.2 | By Barry (Incsub) | Visit plugin site
    Select Post Teaser Post Teaser
    Deactivate | Edit

    Post Teaser generates a preview or "teaser" of a post for the main, archive and category pages, with a link underneath to go to the full post page. It includes features to generate a word count, image count, and an estimated reading time.
    Version 4.1.1 | By WeyHan Ng | Visit plugin site
    Select Quick Adsense Quick Adsense
    Setting | Deactivate | Edit

    Quick Adsense offers a quicker & flexible way to insert Google Adsense or any Ads code into a blog post.
    Version 1.8.4 | By Philip Ze | Visit plugin site
    Select Signup TOS Signup TOS
    Deactivate | Edit

    This plugin places a Terms of Service box on the WP Multisite or BuddyPress signup form forcing the user to tick the associated checkbox in order to continue
    Version 1.2.1 | By Andrew Billits & Aaron Edwards (Incsub) | Visit plugin site
    Select Ultimate Google Analytics Ultimate Google Analytics
    Deactivate | Edit

    Enable Google Analytics on your blog. Has options to also track external links, mailto links and links to downloads on your own site. Check http://www.oratransplant.nl/uga/#versions for version updates
    Version 1.6.0 | By Wilfred van der Deijl | Visit plugin site
    Select User Access Manager User Access Manager
    Deactivate | Edit

    Manage the access to your posts, pages, categories and files.
    Version 1.1.4 | By Alexander Schneider | Visit plugin site
    Select User Role Editor User Role Editor
    Settings | Deactivate | Edit

    It allows you to change any standard WordPress user roles (except administrator) capabilities list with a few clicks.
    Version 3.0.4 | By Vladimir Garagulya | Visit plugin site
    Select Wikinvest Wire Wikinvest Wire
    Deactivate | Edit

    Shows other blog posts related to the topics you blog about. For help with this plugin or to provide feedback, email bloggerhelp@wikinvest.com.
    Version 0.97 | By Wikinvest | Visit plugin site
    Select WP-AddonChat WP-AddonChat
    Deactivate | Edit

    WP-AddonChat allows for the simple and painless integration of AddonInteractive's popular AddonChat software into your WordPress site.
    Version 2.0.0 | By Nick Ohrn of Plugin-Developer.com | Visit plugin site
    Select WP Forum Server WP Forum Server
    Deactivate | Edit

    Version 1.6.7 | Visit plugin site
    Select WP Socializer WP Socializer
    Settings | Support | Deactivate | Edit

    WP Socializer is an advanced and powerful plugin for adding bookmarking buttons like addthis, buzz, digg, retweet, facebook like/share for posts.
    Version 1.0 | By Aakash Chakravarthy | Visit plugin site

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