Avatars are Broken in Chat Window

All avatars in chat window are “Mysteryman”.

Looking for code location that processes the URL for the image so I can figure out how to fix.

The chat window seems to be populated using wp-admin/admin-ajax.php of which I am not yet overly familiar.

  • DavidM
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    Hi JohnLibonati,

    There really are quite a lot of references in the code to the avatars so it wouldn’t be an easy task trying to fix that, but you shouldn’t at all need to, as they should just work.

    I was wondering though, are you logged in as a user when chatting? Being logged out would be the only reason I could see for there not being avatars displayed.

    Other than that, do you have any other plugins active that might affect the avatars?



  • JohnLibonati
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks for the reply David.

    You are correct, This is not an easy task.

    And I wish it were true that “they should just work”.

    And I wished that applied to at least half of the plugins I try.

    Regardless, the problem exists.

    Finding that another plugin that creates a conflict is not a good solution,

    Then I have to choose which plugin to use without knowing why.

    Are you familiar with the term “technical debt”?

    I feel that it will be an easy fix once i find where the image SRC is coded.

    I found good reference to how WP uses AJAX:


    And a good reference for best practices:


    So I feel that I got half the battle.

    A little more FireBug and FirePHP should do it.

    And the code inspection features in PhpStorm helps me figure out the code flow.

  • DavidM
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    Hi JohnLibonati,

    The avatars all displaying as mystery man is something I’ve never seen before. Are you having any other difficulties at all with avatars on your site?

    Also, regarding plugin conflicts, I generally mention that due to there being a wide array of plugins that don’t adhere to best practices, and more often the case, outdated plugins that haven’t been updated to account for changes in standards.

    On a bright note, taking a look at the Chat plugin’s code, I think you’ll see it conforms to those best practices you linked to.

    If your site isn’t live, or if you have a development site for this, an easy way to find a plugin conflict would be the disable other plugins for the moment, just to see if the issue persists.



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