Avatars for Multisite + Ada WPMU Sitewide Feed Plugin

I’m using Ada WPMU Sitewide Feed Plugin Version 0.5.2 to generate a frontpage for my multisite.

I’m constructing my ‘loop’ like this:

$postdata = $wpmu_sitefeed->get_data("posts");
foreach ($postdata as $pdata) {

This works fine, but I can’t see any avatars in the $postdata so I’m trying to add those like this:

$postdata = $wpmu_sitefeed->get_data("posts");
foreach ($postdata as $pdata) {
echo '<img src="' . $wpmu_sitefeed->ada_get_avatar_url($pdata->post_author) . '">';

However, then I just get the standard gravatar pulled from gravatar.com, so I guess the Ada WPMU Sitewide Feed Plugin isn’t seeing the avatar I’ve attached to the user using the Avatars for Multisite plug-in. What plug-in should I use to get it working with the the Ada WPMU Sitewide Feed Plugin?

  • wpkitchen
    • Flash Drive

    I’m realizing that with the Avatars for Multisite I can use the core function get_avatar().

    However while that fixes it for the theme file, I still need to show these avatars in the feed generated by Ada WPMU Sitewide Feed, and it doesn’t call get_avatar().

    Instead it has its own function called ada_get_avatar_url(). I can manipulate it of course, but then I need to fork it. There doesn’t seem to be a way to modify via filter hooks.

    Any suggestion in case I’ve missed something would be appreciated, before I go off to fork it.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    It sounds like ADA isn’t using the hooks provided. Avatars uses the hooks built-in and provided by WordPress for the very purpose of modifying the Avatar output.

    Unfortunately ADA ignores those (which is bad practice) and so there is no option other than to fork it.



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