Avatars Not Showing Up on Second Domain

I have two websites ChristianGays.com and ChristianGaysChat.com. Both use the same database. Registration for both sites takes place on ChristianGays.com. Profile pic avatars do not show up on ChristianGaysChat.com.

My systems admin says:

I investigated your issue and found the reason.

The image with avatar does not exist under ChristianGaysChat account, only under ChristianGays account.

Moreover the path to avatars is stored in bbvsf_aiowps_global_meta table which is used only by CG site.

Unfortunately I could not help with this - probably the content should be synced because server security will not allow to use symlinks as possible workaround - followsymlinks directive is dangerous and disabled by default.

Can you suggest a way that I can show my profile pic avatars on the second site without compromising my security?