Avatars Plugin not loading image on wp-signup.php


I'm using the Avatars plugin on wp-signup.php: http://mygreenboard.com/wp-signup.php

Click on "Choose File". This works, but then there is no option to upload and then crop the chosen file. (I tried clicking "Next" and created a new account but no image was saved to either user or site avatar.) Please advise.

Once this is working, does the uploaded avatar assign to the site or user avatar? Is there a menu where I can make this selection? - Currently I have the USER avatar appearing in the header: http://mygreenboard.com/test7/

Also, the upload question here was asked on another post but the ticket was closed before it could be resolved: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/avatar-is-not-working-on-signup-page.