avoid paypal 20% limit on subscriptions

Paypal limits subscriptions upgrade price which is weird and totally agains subscriptions sites. For example if my user wants to change from a 10USD subscription to a 15USD, he can't due to this limit.

I saw other plugins avoiding this issue by deleting and creating a new subscription (see http://www.primothemes.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2566&hilit=20%25+rule)

So how i can solve this issue with membership? There is no point to have paypal if i can't upgrade my users

  • Barry
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    I read the thread and see the mention. I'm going through the paypal express docs as part of the re-writes currently undergoing in the beta thread. I haven't found the method referred to yet though. If I do, then I will implement it, but until then I'm afraid the paypal limit is still there.

  • chifliiiii
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    Hi @barry i modified the paypalexpress gateway to include this functionality as i really needed for my site.

    Basically what im doing is that when the user click on the paypal button first i send an ajax request which will handle the paypal subscription cancellation with cURL , once the ajax request finish (is not asynchronously) the paypal button will continue sending the user to paypal.

    As the subscription is already cancelled he will be able to upgrade without problems.

    Of course this will need some more info like api username, api pass and api signature which i hardcoded into my code but you could easily modify the backend to ask for them.

    So my next question is. Do you want the code? Where should i send it?

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