Avoiding product meta_key redundnacy

Is it really necessary to have all of the meta_key/meta_value pairs for each individual field included in the options? (e.g. meta_key = '_meta_key'; meta_value = 'WPMUDEV_Field_*')

It seems that these values are static and do not change as they are used to determine the interface in the admin dashboard. When you have thousands of products with tens of variations, this bloats the database size significantly and can negatively impact performance. These values, it would seem, would be better stored only once in either wp_options or wp_sitemeta rather than on each individual record.

Is there an easy fix that we can implement so that we don't have to have these records in our database in this way? Can this be patched with a plugin? I'll consider writing our own plugin if necessary to address this issue but it should be addressed in the MP core.

Our database has over 100K products so this becomes a significant issue.