Awarding points to community support

Sorry for the newbie question, but I'm still new to WPMUDev and I'm not sure about the protocol for awarding points, liking a post, etc. If I award someone points, where do those come from? And how do I know what value to assign for an answer that I like?



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    Hello Dairrell!

    I trust you are well today!

    Rewarding another member of the community with reputation points will deduct from your own points. So if you have 100 points and you want to extend 50 points to someone for being helpful your points will go down to 50.

    How much to reward? It is your personal preference! If you think that the answer deserve 10, 20 , 30 or 100, give these points away :smiley:

    Have a look at our points cheat sheet:

    I hope this helps!


Thank NAME, for their help.

Let NAME know exactly why they deserved these points.

Gift a custom amount of points.