Back Up not working – Snapshop Pro

The HUB keeps telling me that I need to perform a back up ” No backups”. When I click through to run a back up, deactivate the scheduled back up that never seems to run, and click manual backup, it goes through all of the processing steps, then always comes back with “Aw shucks, something went wrong: (instead of the beautiful response we expected, we got this:”

It’s always the same basic hodge podge of the admin bar. See here:

Happens with ALL of my sites. not one of the 5 that I currently have synced work.

I have tried turning off unnecessary plugins to see if there could be a conflict, but still get the same issue.

This is one of the features/plugins that makes this membership worth it. I’d prefer not to just have snapshots on the same server in case there’s a hack, or server failure.

Thanks for the help.