Backend checkout system?

So my client has an online shop and a physical shop.

He wants to be able to make manual sales on the computer in his shop when ever someone physically buys something.

This is so that he can use the Manage Orders screen for in shop orders and keep log of all sales online and offline in the one place. And will reduce the stock counter for the online shop. As he has had issues where he has over sold an item because someone picked one up in the shop and then someone else ordered the same thing online.

Basically I would have to recreate the checkout system in the admin area, then process it without a response from a payment gateway. Maybe mark it as Cash Payment etc.

Is it possible?

  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    Greetings @Jamin

    Unfortunately this feature is not currently available in the MarketPress plugin setup. However, it is a seriously good one and I will give it my +100 to support it.

    I will ping the Developer to find out just how much custom code work would be involved to get it done, but I have a suspision his answer will be 'Lots' :slight_smile:

    If you feel comfortable with code, then it might be something you can tackle yourself. Otherwise you can always post a job on our Jobs section.

    Also, since this is 'strictly speaking' a feature request, I will move this topic to the 'Feature and Feedback' section of the Community. Hopefully you will get lots of exposure there for this request.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Have a good day.


  • Jamin
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    Well I gave this a go but came up with nothing.

    Then again, Im not a very experienced PHP programmer! lol!

    I hope that maybe someone stumbling by might see this thread and give it a shot themselves. I would be happy to part fund it as im sure there are others out there wanting an option like this :slight_smile:


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