Backend Strategy for Q&A/WP/Wiki site

Hi all,

I’m in the progress of starting a Q&A based, non-profit oldtimer, Vespa scooter site. I was planning to start this community to help answer general maintenance, restoration, specs and mechanical questions.

There are plenty of sites, forums and wiki’s on the subject of Vespa’s, but sadly none any good in Dutch.

The plan is not to take the forum route, for good answers seem to get lost in too much chatter too often. So Q&A seems to be the way to go.

Also I want the site to become a comprehensive data site with howto’s and model specifications. This data will mostly be static, and it would be nice if questions asked in the Q&A section can eventualy be directed to the data section.

I’m looking for someone to confirm the route I’m intending to take is a good one.


A Howto would be a page with some text and a couple of photo’s, video and/or drawings, telling a mostly chronological, often technical, story.

I’ve looked into for the Howto’s, but for now it’s way to expensive to be used hobby-wise. Might be a good ‘feature’ request for a new plugin though – the features are quite nice.

The alternative option to Dozuki would be to just write blog-posts, but I’m afraid I’d be missing a lot of flexibility in organising, rearranging and interlinking data while the site grows. Also I’d probably want easy markup/editting and maybe wiki-like discussion/revision.

A third option would be to use a Wiki for the Howto’s, but I dislike the Wiki design and lack of a bitm more advanced layouts. I’m not a big fan of Wiki navigation either; it works, but it’s not very attractive. This is less of a problem with the HowTo’s, but it might be with pages that could benefit from content in columns.

Detailed model Specs

I’d like to be able to get to a detail page based on clicking build year, a search for frame ID numbers or just by selecting a model by name, so there should be a way to browse and search the model data. There are some 200 models I’d like to collect info on.

A detail page has this kind of information:

A blog post per model? I’m afraid I’d be going nuts interlinking the data, and I’m unsure how I’d connect the blog pages to the detailed search and navigation. Custom Taxonomies maybe? With start/end year of production, start/end frame ID# and model name?

– How would I get the models/frame ID# for a certain year inbetween start and end? Is there a way to select/find data in a range?

A big plus; I could cutomise the post-type completely, so adding info would be fairly straightforward and consistant per model even with multiple editors.

A Wiki for the model details? I’d have to have a strict ‘only use this imaginary template to build a specs page’ policy, while I’m forseeing multiple editors.

A big plus would be the interlinking and flexibility while growing.

Writing this helped me collect my thoughts a bit on what type of site to choose per section, but I’m quite curious if anybody has any tips on how to go about, or if there’s anything I’m not seeing, or any tips on plugins or code I could use.

The plan is to build the templates for this based on the Roots Twitter Bootstrap theme.

I’m fairly familiar with major customisation of WP, so don’t hold back :slight_smile:

Kind regards!