Background Image & General CSS Help on Form Popup

I am trying to recreate this form inside Popup Pro...

However, no matter what I try, I can't get it to work. CSS code get's ripped out of the popup from the plugin. I know it's just one little trick I am missing to get it to work in Popup Pro.

I've already granted you support access.

Thanks in advance!!!

  • Adam G

    So it was an issue with Popup Pro. It was stripping anything I included inside the WYSIWYG editor. I think this may or may not have to do with my having the older free version installed.

    However, I looked at the template.php file inside wp-content/plugins/popover/css/tpl/old-default/ and found the following code...

    * File is included inside an IncPopupItem object.
    * All variables of the object are available in this template.

    $msg_class = '';
    // Compatibility mode to keep formatting of old PopUps (not used in new styles)
    $content = stripslashes( $this->content );
    $msg_class .= 'wdpu-' . $this->id . ' ';

    ? apply_filters( 'the_content', stripslashes( $content ) )
    : wptexturize( wpautop( $content ) );


    That code prevented the stripping of inline styles and images in the WYSIWYG editor.

    I added that to the top of the template.php file in wp-content/plugins/popover/css/tpl/minimal/ and it fixed everything.

    It looks like the way the templates are designed now, it supposed to strip out inline styles and images.

    Personally I think that is horrible idea. It is really design limiting.

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