Backup is not working.

I try to make a new Full Backup now and it fails

It fails on files part at 95%. Please check and help.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Raul

    I hope you’re well today!

    I checked the site and although I don’t have cPanel (or similar server management panel) access to confirm that, I believe – based on the behavior of the backup process – that the main issue here would be a I/O limit imposed by server.

    There’s quite a lot of files there and the I/O limit (which is basically a file read/write speed limit) with such an intensive file copying process can get hit quite fast if it’s low. If you do have cPanel access, you can check it by running full snapshot and watching I/O usage on main page of cPanel.

    Usually, hosts do not allow increasing that limit so in case of snapshots (as in “Snapshot -> Snapshots”:wink: it’s then recommended to try to “split” full backup into smaller backups. I tested this on your site so if you look at the “Snapshot Pro -> Snapshots” page now, you’ll notice three additional snapshots there:

    “Snapshot – DB Only – No Files” <- this one contains only the database but no files at all "Snapshot - Files only - no media files" <- this one contains plugins, themes, wp-config.php and .htaccess but no /wp-content/uploads folder and no database "Snapshot - Files only - media files" <- this one contains only "/wp-content/uploads" Together they include everything that "Full snapshot" would include and they all worked fine - each was processed and completed fine without any issues. If it comes to backed-up content, it's as good as a "Full backup" because these three snapshots include all the same data that "full" snapshot would but run separately they put less "stress" on server so you could try scheduling them now (just make sure that they are not all scheduled at the same time) and see if they complete if they are run automatically by schedule. Kind regards, Adam

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