This is my second thread on the same topic.

I have a larger site that was working great with Snapshot Pro until about a month ago then started having issues. Found a work around by switching between the two zip formats each time I got an error then it worked after the switch the second time.

This feature got removed some update ago and have not gotten it to work since.

I have also a smaller site which is not even launched yet that is incredibly smaller than since on this I am running fixer theme on an uninstalled site. Yet even here neither Snapshot Pro or the new Back Up Feature works.

I keep getting an error message on both of them at the very end, then the entire dashboard goes corrupted ( see Screenshot )

I have gotten an answer on the lucidhive thread to increase the max post time to 300 in php settings and did that yesterday. That allowed the steps to go from crashing on step 12 but now instead crashed on step 32 on LucidHive backup and now I pushed this misterandersson to backup about two hours ago and came back to an error message again.

Please help me figure out why your plugins arent working as they should, I dont understand why and I also dont know why I am not getting any info for the new BackUp feature even after checking info on each section.

See the screenshot here after fail on it pulls in fixer broken images and
blends the dashboard buttons.