Backup solution for my needs? Snapshot for subsite admin?

Maybe just a general question, but also a feature suggestion to Snapshot (or new plugin, if there's no any?).

What is "the best" solution for a subsite admin to backup+restore his/her sites?

With Snapshot Pro, only super admin can backup+restore sites. What I want to achieve is basicly:

1. User creates site.
2. He/she adds new user to that site.
3. The new user messes things up!
4. Admin would like to restore things back to where they were.


How could I not found a solution for this.. What am I missing? :smiley: I know VaultPress, but does it really do what I asked? It's also expensive for users of my multisite.

  • Sajid

    Hi @Riku

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    When Snapshot is active network wide than only Super admin can create/schedule/restore backups at the moment. Other users on your site can't access the network panel so they can not use Snapshot.

    In answer to your questions, its not possible out of the box at the moment. However, its a good feature request and would a great addition to the plugin.

    Its already in features and feedback section so I hope it would get enough support from other valuable members of the community as well. If we can get enough votes then it will be consider for development. More +1's more chances of this request to be considered for development.

    Its going to get first +1 from my side, any more +1's folks ?

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestion :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards
    Sajid J

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