Backup solutions for WP Multisite with many websites?

So I’ve been using lots of time to attempting to find a good backup solution for my WPMU site that I am building and it’s a big crazy jungle out there and it hard to figure out what is good and what is bad. I’m planning to offer hosting so I expect in the end that there will be lots of customers/websites on my systems. I been looking into the snap shot plugin too – installed it but I found it a bit limited, in that it only offers me to backup sub-sites domain name names( or my main site ( and other raw domains that is currently hosted on the system too. I have 3 other sites for example which is my own on the system where 2 use raw and the last one Now you cannot see those two in the in snapshot pro. They simple do not show up, only the main site. Anyway – I’m not going to rant about this, as this is not my main point/question, (about snapshot).

My main point is that while researching I found this very interesting slider from you guys, WPMU Dev where you actually say that you DO NOT recommend that you use a plugin solution at all for backups, but rather that you should use your current web hosts backup systems instead!

the slide is linked below:

Do’s and Don’ts of WordPress Multisite

Now I do find this a bit contradicting since WPMU do promote Snapshot pro for obvious reasons, and I would very much would like to hear the arguments for this and what you think is the best recommendation since you do say “don’t use plugins for backup solutions, but use the hosts own backup systems”.

I just want to use the best available solution for what I am attempting try to accomplish, with my WPMU solution; hence it would be very interesting to hear about arguments and thoughts about above. I have attached the slide as a PDF to this tread, please view page 14.