Backup to Google Drive failed

I get an error page when I try to setup a backup to Google Drive. I can provide the screencapture. It's quite a long error message.

  • Patrick Freitas

    Hello Mark S,

    How are you today?

    Sorry to hear that you are having problem, I need some more information to try to replicate the issue in my WordPress.
    Wouldn't you mind please create a guide of that steps you are taking, also the plugin name and WordPress version and if possible provide the screenshot of the error.

    However we have a full article that you can follow: this will provide step by step how to configure Google Drive Backup,

    Please, let me know ir the article helped you and if you have any further question
    Have a great day,
    Patrick Freitas

  • Patrick Freitas

    Hi Mark S

    How are you today?

    I tried to replicate the issue, the problem is when you create the API Credencial to the project, make sure that you copy and past the right link and the Gmail account is the account where the project had been created.

    However I created a full step using some prints which I'm sending as attached file and if you wouldn't mind to follow them:

    1- Login to WordPress Dashboard, select SnapShot Pro > select Destination and Select Google Drive, please remove the not working destination, we want to have a working one.

    2- Click in Follow those instructions and click to Drive Account.

    3- Click in New and select Folder:

    4- Create a folder name and open it, select the Folder ID.

    5- Past the the Folder ID to SnapShot Pro and use the same name of the Folder and save destination.

    6- Click in Follow these instructions to retrieve your Client ID and Secret and Go to the Google API Console.

    7- Create a new Project or select the already created:

    8- Select the project Find the Google Drive API and Enable it.

    9- Click in Create Credentials.

    10- Fill the form like in the attached screen and click in What Credentials do I need?

    11- Back to SnapShot PRO dashboard and copy the URL and past in the Authorised redirect URIs
    and click to Save.
    p.s, probably here is where the things messed up last time.

    12- Check if the Gmail Account is the same that you had created a folder then Download the Credentials information it will download a file with name client_id.json. Save it, open the client_ID.json file using an editor like notepad++ or Visual Studio Code

    13- Fill the Client ID and Client Secret which can be found in the downloaded archive.

    14- It will look like the attached part 014

    15 - Click to Authorize button

    16- Check if the Gmail Account is right and click to allow.

    This is a quite long, but I tried to cover every step to make sure that everything will work.

    Let us know the results.
    Have a great day.
    Patrick Freitas

  • Mark S

    I'm getting closer. I almost had it linked but now I get this message:

    401. That’s an error.

    Error: deleted_client

    The OAuth client was deleted.
    Request Details


    I'll keep trying.

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