Backup trouble with InnoDB database

I'm in the middle of a site migration, and I'm getting reports that two of my multisite mysql databases are not copying properly -- reportedly the InnoDB database is not locking/unlocking properly... The workaround that has been proposed is deleting all the tables that use that database... so I'm wondering if you guys have a list of all the wpmudev plugins that use it, so I know what I'm losing if we go that way with the migration. Any of the non wpmudev plugins I can do without... just trying to figure out how much work I'm going to have once the migration of the database is complete, getting those tables restored...

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, xbladerunner!

    I'll definitely flag SLS, (second level support) for some advice here, but I wanted to also ask for more details about the error you're getting. Are you using a third-party service to perform the migration?

    Have you tried taking your own export of the database to confirm these failures? If you've never done it before, it looks pretty overwhelming, and it doesn't always go perfectly, but exporting a db is a task that's within your grasp. It takes about an hour, possibly much less depending on how smoothly things go.

    Thanks for your question, xbladerunner!

  • xbladerunner

    Thanks Michelle,

    I'm able to export the database, but when I import it, the subsites are fine, but the main site is wiped out, missing pages, theme settings... I took a look around the admin area of the main site and the pages area has no pages, not a single one -- when I look in the posts area, everything is there, including the pages! What is going on?! All pages have converted into posts?! And the main theme, suppose to be blogs-mu, showing up as twenty-fourteen...

  • xbladerunner

    Thank Ari,

    I'm dealing with two different companies (A and B). I'm getting a "free" migration of two cpanels conducted by B, but they are having a lot of trouble with the backups from A not being complete... I passed this info along to company A, and they initially said it was an InnoDB issue... so I passed along your suggestion... now they are saying that wasn't the issue but rather a missing table, which they said they fixed, and that everything should be ok now. But company B is still saying they are not receiving complete backups...

    I've always done it in components (FTP file structure, and export MySQL databases), never the whole cpanel at once... so I'm going to try the full backup myself tonight to see what I get...

    I will close this ticket as the problem reportedly is not an InnoDB issue... I'll start a new ticket concerning the migration if I'm still having trouble.

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