Backups Aren't Completing

Our backups are not completing for my site, and I believe this is causing an issue with Automate failing to update the site’s plugins automatically (due to it initiating a backup before it implements the updates). I chatted (and had a troubleshooting session) with Patrick Freitas the other day, where I discovered that our firewall (Securi) was possibly blocking your backups/Automate service. We therefore permanently whitelisted the following IP addresses, which were provided to us by Patrick…

These are all of the static IP addresses that are utilized by you guys, per Patrick. Also (per Patrick’s guidance), we added the following bits of code to our site’s wp-config.php file:

/* WPMUDEV Dashboard settings */

define(‘WPMUDEV_API_DEBUG’, true);

define(‘WPMUDEV_API_DEBUG_ALL’, true);

Our site (and site) is still however reflecting that no backups can be performed under the “Backups” tab (which is reflecting as red), and when we attempt to manually run/create one via the Hub (on our site), it spins for a second, and then the entire screen refreshes with no action taking place.

Please help us with this.

Thank you.