Backups failing to run immediately or even when scheduled

Hi Support,

I'm having a problem with getting backups to run on one of my domains. I can't get any backups to run on this domain using the "run now" feature or even when they have been scheduled. It is working fine for other domains I have hosted with Host Nine that use Snapshots Pro.

Here are steps to replicate the issue:

1. Click on Snapshots icon
2. Click on "run now" next to Backup-DB to AS3 or Backup-Full to AS3
3. Click on Snapshots icon a couple of times to refresh (you'll see it only says "Item scheduled to run" but nothing happens")
4. You will notice it doesn't say "Creating Archive" and the Archive screen will remain blank

I've granted you support access to the domain so you can investigate. I've already tried installing/reinstalling the plugin several times and this didn't help. Also I've deactivated all other plugins and it still wouldn't work.

Can you please help debug this issue? Let me know if you need anything else.