Bad contrasting on prosites checkout box

Hello, I am still a noob here :^)

I am brand new and am just setting up pro-site plugin. I went to my created checkout page and noticed that the text to background resolution is hard to read (basiclly the text and background don’t have enough contrast to make it readable). I would like to know how change this without too much coding…I am not a coder and know very little. I am using the Network Child theme. So, if you could tell me which line and file the code is in I may be able to change the hex of the text. My site:

Current hex colors that cause low contrast:

box (center) = #5D7A93

text = #716260

  • dscostu
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    Sorry, Arun. Thanks for you help. I set it up now. I disabled it while editing. You should be able to create a site now. Hope it works. Thanks for you time. I added the option to the menu now. I have included a screen shot of the boxes with the poor contrast.

    ****While I have your attention:

    I am now having a new issue I tried a creating mock site (to see if it will work for you) and have found 2 dashboard issues. One is definitally tied to prosites and the other may be. I am including a screen shot of what I got the first time I opened my newly created site’s dashboard.

    Problem 1: I opted out of the prosites option and still got placed into a trial period. I thought I would only get placed into a trial period when I choose to upgrade. This way I could opt out without paying. I don’t want eveyone of my users to be automatically placed into a trial.

    Problem 2: Well, you got me what this means…Getting several dashboard alerts(see highlighted section in attachment). I am guessing there is a plugin issue. I network activated bbpress and buddypress (not sure if that matters)

  • Craig Grella
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    Whether you use the checkout css in pro sites or the overall theme css to override that font color you are looking for the following selector:

    #psts_checkout_grid .pblg-checkout-opt

    Note that there are non-active and active selectors at work. meaning, once your user clicks one of the boxes, it has a different selector than above. That keeps the color different. The active selector is:

    #psts_checkout_grid div.opt-selected

    There’s also a different color for the one which the client is currently using. The plan he is currently on, in case he goes back to this page to upgrade or downgrade.

    That selector is:

    #psts_checkout_grid div.opt-current

    Just find those selectors in the checkout.css or change it theme wide in your style.css file. Make changes appropriate to your color scheme.

    Hope that helps.


  • dscostu
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    Thanks Craig. I will have to see if I can figure that out. Wish me luck…lol. I appreciate your time and help. I am still hoping that I get a staff member to help with the other two problems that I have encountered. I will try to change the css tonight. Can I just add the code to the bottom? I thought that I could and that would override the above code. Regardless I will back it all up just in case….

  • Craig Grella
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    The last mentioned Css will take precedence over earlier code, so yes, putting it at the end should work fine. To be safe just comment out the old code if necessary, rather than deleting just in case you mess something up and need to go back. Make sure to backup all files before messing with them too and have your ftp info handy in case you need to reupload in a pinch.

  • dscostu
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    I again want to thank Craig for his help. However, my knowledge of code is so limited that I could literally get made fun of here on this site…really. I only know what I taught myself in the last two months. I looked through the code that was suggested but found no reference to text color. I would like to change the text to white.for all three selectors. Do I add something like:


    .pblg-checkout-opt {

    text-color: #FFFFFF;



    …or will that be a bust? I am not sure why it is coming out so dark in the first place. I tried changing all of my font colors on my theme and that did nothing. I find it hard to believe that they wanted the colors to look so horrible. I just can’t understand why it comes out that way. Is there a staff member that can type up the quick css codes and tell me which page to place it. I would never ask this if this were just a normal vanity request. I really think that there is an issue due to its un-readablity

  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey @dscostu

    my old account says suspended right now and I couldn’t get past the captcha in spite of my numerous trials (20+). You might want to look into that.

    You would want to enter the css like this:

    #psts_checkout_grid .pblg-checkout-opt {
    color: #FFF !important;

    and so on. There is no css property as text-color. I see that you are using our network theme. Find attached a child theme for the same. Install it and network enable. Then set that as the theme for the site and this should be all settled.

    Here is what I did, I added:

    #psts_checkout_grid label {
    color: #FFF;

    to child.css in network-child_inccss folder.

    Since it is a child theme, everything else would be the same.

    Regarding Pro Sites, that is how it works. The option at sign-up is just a choice for the user that asks him something like “Do you want to take a look at our premium options right after sign-up?”. The trial (if enabled) will be used on all pro sites, no matter what he chooses. If that is not what you want, its better to disable the trial feature as such (but the trial would improve conversions I hope).

    The error message comes from bbPress. Sounds like possible plugin conflict with bbPress. Try disabling all other plugins and see if the error goes away. If so activate the plugins one by one till you find the one that causes the error.

    Let me know.

  • dscostu
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    I added the code and it worked. Thanks man. I am sorry about the captcha. I am guessing that my captcha plugin is not for multi-site. I guess I will find another. I really appreciate your help with this matter. You have been very helpful.

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