Bad site creation glitch causing problems with post links in autoblog?

I have noticed a very strange glitch in one of my subdomains and this seems to be causing problems for AutoBlog.

This is more of a "heads-up" for other users but any comments/suggestions gratefully received.

I created a subdomain on my site and it seemed to work fine. However, I noticed that all of the links in the posts page created by AutoBlog were wrong. Also, some of the posts were not posts as such but actually bits of widgets and other page code.

For example: Using the default setup for the sub-domain (i.e. no extra pages and just using the posts for the main page) the links to read the posts look like these:

In particular: is a link to an image on the main site.

This was the second site I created for the sole purpose of using AutoBlog, the first one works perfectly.

I'm about 90% sure this isn't actually a problem solely with AutoBlog because there seems to have been some glitch with the creation of this faulty sub-domain.

In the admin bar of, the entry for the admin menu is "indieunite" instead of "Music News Auto Blog".

I created a third sub-domain, exactly in the same manner as the second (the faulty one) but AutoBlog works fine and the admin entry in the admin bar also displays correctly (I.E. "Games News Auto Blog").

During testing I cleared out the error.log and repeated testing by deleting posts and reprocessing them. The only errors that were logged was about 20 lines roughly identical to this:

WordPress database error Query was empty for query made by do_action('load-autoblog_page_autoblog_admin'), call_user_func_array, autoblogpremium->add_admin_header_autoblog_admin, autoblogpremium->update_admin_page, ab_process_feed, autoblogcron->process_the_feed, autoblogcron->process_feed, wp_insert_post, do_action('save_post'), call_user_func_array, moderation_post_archive_insert, referer:

However, running the same process on the other subdomains resulted in no errors. This faulty sub-domain had the same results no matter which AutoBlog addons were activated or if they were all deactived.

At a guess I would say this is some problem with the database perhaps? But localised to the faulty sub-domain. I did check the error.log before clearing it to see if there were any entries relating to the creation of the sub-domain but none were found.

I do have AutoBlog network activated if that makes any difference?

I have also checked the main mysql logs and they are all clean.

I'm going to delete and recreate the faulty sub-domain and keep an eye on things. As I say, this is mostly just to help others that experience this problem and they can check to see if they also have the same linking and admin bar issues as this.


The screenshot shows that one of these posts has a link to the main sites' global categories and indeed contains the code to display them in the grid pattern which I have on the page in that main site. Also shown is the faulty admin bar.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for the post.

    does seem rather strange.

    maybe 1 of the feeds is bad, have you tried validating the feed url of the feed that was faulty, see if that throws up any issues with the feed.

    i will ping @barry for interest in this and keep an eye out for others. for now i will mark this as resolved, but feel free to re-open should you have any more info.

    thanks for being a member of wpmudev.

  • PiOfCube
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I was using some Google News feeds at first but when I was re-testing, I used the feed URLs I used in the working sub-domains... I validated the feeds and still the same issues.

    There could have been some unrelated things going on between subdomain creation and when I noticed this problem... Not 100% sure.. Hence this being more of a heads-up instead of a request for support... Not enough hard data to really help and it was working for each sub-domain created after that.

    Very strange indeed but if anyone else has this problem and searches the forums, they might get a bit more to check out with their own problem. It was just a matter of luck that I noticed the admin bar was wrong on the faulty sub-domain.


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