Bad String Added to Weblinks in e-Newsletter

A recent issue in e-Newsletter has cropped up for me in which when I add a web-link into the content of a newsletter, an unexpected string of characters is added to the link, which in most cases, kills the link and leads to an error page saying “Non-existent changeset UUID”.

For example, I will attempt to insert a link into a block of text which is:

And instead, the link that is added is:

I have granted support access to my website, and if you go to view any of the newsletters I have created besides the newest one (a correction apology newsletter), you will see all the bad links with the unexpected character string added.

How can this be corrected, so that only the intended web link is inserted into the text, without the weird added string that leads to the dead page?

(BTW, I have found that the bad link actually works when logged in as an admin, but when logged out, leads to a dead page.)