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Hi - has anyone had any experience integrating OpenX with Studio theme?

I have a bit of a daunting project on my hands ... I am moving over a live and very active 4500+ member site to BuddyPress with Studio theme, and it's such a big task that you are going to get LOTS of questions from me; please bear with me?

The site needs to have:

- ad server (this is where I'm stuck for now)
- pages of static content (and not really even sure how to get the content tabs on the top to show, but that's for another thread)
- membership management
- multi-user blogs
- event calendar + countdown
- forums
- classifieds
- newsletter
- private messaging
- file downloads
- live chat
- business directory listing
- online shop
- product reviews (not products in the shop)
and then the usual Social media integration etc etc

... all seamlessly integrated into very strong branding.

it's a scary project for me to take on - I'm a designer, not a developer; with NO BuddyPress experience at all, so any help at all would be brilliant.