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Hi - has anyone had any experience integrating OpenX with Studio theme?

I have a bit of a daunting project on my hands ... I am moving over a live and very active 4500+ member site to BuddyPress with Studio theme, and it's such a big task that you are going to get LOTS of questions from me; please bear with me?

The site needs to have:

- ad server (this is where I'm stuck for now)
- pages of static content (and not really even sure how to get the content tabs on the top to show, but that's for another thread)
- membership management
- multi-user blogs
- event calendar + countdown
- forums
- classifieds
- newsletter
- private messaging
- file downloads
- live chat
- business directory listing
- online shop
- product reviews (not products in the shop)
and then the usual Social media integration etc etc

... all seamlessly integrated into very strong branding.

it's a scary project for me to take on - I'm a designer, not a developer; with NO BuddyPress experience at all, so any help at all would be brilliant.

  • DavidM
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    Hi merylpixelmagic and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    To help you get accustomed to BuddyPress, the online manuals here come in really handy!

    And as for the items you listed, we can take a look with you on each of them individually. Simply create a new thread detailing any questions/concerns you have on the items and we'll see how we can assist you there!

    As for an ad server, as you mentioned banner ads, I'm not quite sure that'll be the easiest thing to do as banner areas would be totally dependent on the theme you're using.

    I would think that would be a matter of custom development of a theme for your site. Perhaps you could provide a few more details on how you'd like that to work?


  • merylpixelmagic
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    Hi David, thanks for the feedback!

    I'm using Studio theme, and I'd like to continue using OpenX banner server, which is what I'm currently using on my site.
    OpenX provides zone code that you can just slot in where ever you like in your theme.

    I'm pretty sure I can work out how to do that much ... it's just a case of popping the generated code into home.php etc, right?

    is it as simple as:
    - copy the affected files (page.php, home.php etc) into the child theme directory
    - leave the entire file intact and just add the banner ad zone code?

    Won't future upgrades have modifications to these files that will then be overridden by the modified "old" files sitting in the child theme with the addition of my banner code?

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