Banning By IP Address

Hi guys,
I want to be able to ban users by IP address on my site if need be.
I know IPs can be changed etc but this will still help I think.

I have found a few plugins but one thing I don;t know is how I get the users IP address?

  • drmike
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    There's no ongoing log for users.

    Even though we've asked a couple of times for one and/or for making the ip address visible on the dashboard. Make life a lot easier to have it in front of you instead of having to dig through the databases or old new user signup notifications.

    Best bet would be to do this at the webserver level. If you google for "ban ip address" along with the nae of your webserver, you should find lots.

    edit: I know back in my days, I;ve sent in a few IP addresses that I had noticed to be problem ones and get back an email from a staff member saying that they deleted a couple thousand splogs associated with that ip address. Still amazes me why they don;t see making this easier to find more important.

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