base64_decode ... is this malicious?

base64_decode ... I ran EXPLOIT SCANNER and it says "Used by malicious scripts to decode previously obscured data/programs" amongst other things. I would hate to think I gave an entry point to a hacker. I rarely buy plugins unless i trust the source (such as here and Warrior Forums). Now I am a bit worried!

Can anyone enlighten me about this. I bought a plugin from Warrior Forums and this particular plugin, KSWP Pop Wizard, which had rave reviews, seems loaded with questionable code. This is part of what the scanner came up with (see attachments), the more "urgent" ones.

Should I be worried? OR is it regular code that has been caught up in the "sweep"?

  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hello musicwise,

    You do not have a reason to be worried right now, but you do have a reason to be concerned. Hacker often use such encoded data to do stuffs on your server. And we recently saw the TimThumb Zero day vulnerability that opened up virtually every WordPress installation for hackers.

    You could use this tool to decode the base64 encoded information and check if its malicious:

    You could also download a fresh copy of the plugin and compare the code.

    Another thing you could do is contact the plugin author and ask if its something he included, I don't think he wouldn't be genuine.

    Decoding and comparing the code should give you an idea, let me know how it goes, yes?

    I am gonna go ahead and mark this as resolved, but if you have more questions as away, am listening :slight_smile:

    Arun Basil Lal

  • GNM
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    Now there is a name I have not heard in a while ... I had a friend called Arun, who used to call me Mum, who I worked with :slight_smile:

    I think the developer is fine - it just concerned me that this is what came up within my site. The attachments were what the scanner came up with.

    I will contact Popwizard and ask. I will post here when i find out.

    Cheers Arun,


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