Basic Backup strategy

Hello I am pretty new to WP and looking for a simple Backup process. As I have hardly any knowledge about mySQL and that stuff I thought about a simple process:

1. Copy everything ... (best daily and before I upgrade or install a new plugin)
2. Store it somewhere safe
3. Restore when necessary

I found some info on other sites to get this done ... so I installed the backupwpup plugin which backups daily to my dropbox (nice straight away an offsite storage in the cloud).
I also did a manual backup via my CPANEL (mhhh ... manual ... will forget it and can't do it every day). I backup my Home Directory and my MySQL Databases
But double is better ...

Ok ... so looks like I covered point 1 and 2.

But what about step 3 ... I want to test my backup ... How do I do that best?

(My manual backup looks also different from my backupwpup plugin.

The Home Directory restore on my CPANEL would mean that I also reset all my other add-on websites. Not ideal ... looks like I can't choose.

And with the files I got from the backupwpup plugin I have no clue what to do ... I got an SQL database and a lot of other files (which do not really match with my files structure on my FTP). So maybe I have not covered step 1.

Any suggestions? Best practice process to keep it simple?

Sorry to ask such basic things ...