Basic Certificate Questions with Formatting

We're having a lot of issues with the formatting on the Basic Certificate in Coursepress. Primarily our problem is that the text that appears on the certificate either appears right at the top of page one despite adding in
and <p> tags. And if we use the Margin tools below to try to change the orientation (by setting the top margin to say 1em), then the text drops down to a blank 2nd page and is still oriented at the top of the page.

Another question we have is for some of our courses we are going to be offering a number of Credits towards Professional Development and would like to have the number of credits for a particular course listed on the certificate. We could easily do that by add the credits to the certificate as a static value, but since there is only one Certificate for all courses (at least as far as I can tell) that won't work. I don't see any way to add a value to the course description itself that would then be able to be pulled and added dynamically to the certificate.