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So I’m just editing some pages, really simple task, but then I’ve noticed that none of my drop-downs are working and the Screen Options menu doesn’t work. I tried uninstalling a few plugins, including WPMU, but that didn’t seem to do anything.

This is only happening in the pages editor, nowhere else as far as I can see. The link editor doesn’t work for existing content either, nothing shows up.


The only thing I can think that I’ve done that may affect it is a search and replace query in the SQL on the posts table. I took the WordPress environment from local dev to online test and needed to change the linked URLs.

Do we think that this has affected my dashboard etc. And does this mean I’m then back to the absolute vs relative issue of having to copy and paste every single link on my website?


Scott. =)

  • Paul Barthmaier
    • Code Wrangler

    Hi Scott,

    I will say that with WordPress, just about anything is possible.Making manual changes to the database can be a risky proposition, but sometimes you just gotta do it. Having said that, it is also possible that you have a javascript error on the page. This may be coming from a faulty theme or plugin.

    To confirm the javascript error, open the page using Google Chrome or Firefox and then press Ctrl+Shift+j. In the opening window if you see any warnings or errors, then switch to the default theme to locate the issue. If errors disappear, then you need to check and correct your theme files. If they don’t disappear, then deactivate all your plugins and re-activate them one by one, and check each time as you activate a plugin.

    Hope this helps! Let us know how it goes.



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  • illustratemedia
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey Paul,

    I kinda got impatient and decided to reinstall and reupload my backup from before the SQL changes. Haha. I’ll just see what happens there and let you know.

    But thanks very much for the javascript resolution. I’ll keep that in my top pocket for future reference, that could come in very handy (especially if this reinstall doesn’t do the trick)!


    Scott. =)

  • George
    • Accounts - Team Leader

    Hello there!

    I’m going through some old posts and found this thread.

    Since it has been a long time since your last post on this issue, I ‘m marking it as resolved.

    If the issue still persists, please feel free to reopen this and post an update on your current status.

    Of course you can always open new topics for unrelated issue.

    Take care,


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