Basic PHP, I'm not sure how to do this…

I’m trying to float the code snippet below in this //Print Excerpt below. I’m not a coder, just a designer hacking around but I’m not familiar with how I should change the markup to fix within the string.

note: “fr” is a class i created (float right)

<!– take the code below to fit into the “print excerpt” string below this –>

<div class=”fr” style=”margin-left:10px;”>

<span style=”margin-right:5px;”> <?php dd_twitter_generate(‘Normal’,’3piggz’:wink: ?> </span>

<span style=”margin-right:5px;”> <?php dd_google1_generate(‘Normal’:wink: ?> </span>

<span style=”margin-right:5px;”><?php dd_fblike_generate(‘Like Box Count’:wink: ?> </span>


// Print Excerpt.

$srp_content .= “<p class=”srp-widget-excerpt”>” . $this->extractExcerpt($post);