Basic vs. Drip vs. Advanced Set-Up

My site provides educational content. I don't know (and probably won't know for some time) which type of access model will work best.

I am just beginning to convert my site to Membership and have initially chosen the Basic/Standard configuration with three levels beyond Free/Stranger.

Normally (when installing software, etc.) I would choose Advanced settings to give myself as much flexibility as possible but am hesitant to do so here because I am brand new to creating a membership site and brand new to using the Membership plugin.

Two questions:

1) Can I switch to Advanced at any point in the future?

2) Would I be better off choosing Advanced now and applying myself to learning as much as possible as soon as possible.

3) (Bonus Question!) Being that I've already selected the Basic configuration option, am I stuck with that now?

Thanks very much for your help, Frank