basic wiki features for plugin

There are some basic wiki functions not available in this plugin that would be very welcome. Some of them could be provided by other plugins, if only they worked together with Wiki Pro.

1. Wiki links in the traditional [[link]] format to make connections between wiki pages. There is a different plugin ( wiki links) which partially works.

2. Table of contents/info box. Again, there is a plugin, but this one doesn't work at all in conjunction with Wiki Pro.

Is there any chance of these basic features being added in the near future?

I subscribed at significant cost just for the Wiki Pro plugin, only discovering afterwards that such basic features were missing. I thought that other plugins might make the membership worthwhile, and found that the ones I found promising were limited to multi sites. Given all this, when the time comes around to pay almost $600 for another year, I may well have to drop out and pay someone to build me a basic wiki plugin.