Basics to stopping SPLOGs??

I understand you have a anti splog.

We had a network once with a few thousand wpmu users, that generated about 1000 splogs a day. We took drastic measures and removed signups, as we were bypassing web reg.

Fast forward to now. After reading anti splog, I am afraid that I can mess it up fairly easy. I want to be able to use theme my login and custom registration fields, etc.

So if I havent had a problem, should I still go through the anti splog setup? or are basic things like not letting people choose passwords, requiring email validation, etc good enough for most low volume networks?

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Anti-splog will allow you to put in preventative measures which will certainly help. There's no guarantee though of course as spammers make it their business to get around such blocks.

    For a small network it should certainly help you out and isn't hard to configure. Plus, if any sploggers manage to register they should be caught automatically once they start posting spam.


  • Saunt Valerian
    • The Bug Hunter

    Don't know what kind of overall setup you have, but I wrote a tutorial to getting spam under control for a multisite+buddypress installation. I linked to some useful plugins too. These days, my site gets strong daily traffic, I host about 80 blogs/subsites and I generally only get 1 spammer a day now following these methods.

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