Batch add or remove multiple sites from existing user

I am using WordPress Multi Site for our company. We have approximately 200 sites. I have around 3 editors per site and a couple contributors. These same editors and contributors would be editors and contributors on 10-40 of the 200 sites. When one person transfers to a new department I have to remove them as editor/contributor on the 10-40 sites and add them as editor/contributor on 10-40 other sites (sites are based on geographic region). Is there a way to batch add a user and role to a number of sites at the same time. Also, is there a way to batch remove a user from multiple sites at the same time?

Currently I have to click edit on each site, click the remove button, and back to the sites list to repeat 10-40 times. Due to the load times it is taking too long. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is there a plugin that can help me?

As a work around I have thought about adding permanent usernames associated with the 10-40 blogs and just changing the password when new users take the place of the old user. But it is nice to have their real names.