Batch Create csv file won't load

I have completed the .xls file for batch create using the headers as given and populated it per example.
I keep getting errors that make it look like it is seeing the password column as an email address. Message reads - Queue processing error. These emails are not unique: and then lists the passwords.
Any ideas how to load this file?

  • Mason


    Did you try the included test file to see if that one worked properly?

    Also are any of the email addresses in your file completely unique from the ones that already exist for users on your site? Double-check as that's normally the source of this message.

    Finally, some servers dont handle the XLS file upload as well as others. You could try re-saving as a CSV file and may well find better compatibility.

    Let us know how it goes and we can provide a deeper look if necessary :slight_smile:


  • nicki_wise

    I did upload a .csv file.
    I have checked and there are no users or anything that have the same details.
    The first problem seems to be a password which starts with a '0' - as do all our our passwords. Would that be the problem?
    I ran a test with just 10 of the user details rather than the 70 I want to load.
    I really would like this sorted as I eventually need to load over 400 users and don't want to do it manually if possible.

  • Vladislav


    Just to make sure I didn't misunderstood anything, have you tried uploading a .csv file, or an .xls (or perhaps both)? If you tried with the CSV file, please note that the plugin is pretty literal in CSV interpretation - meaning, it'll only accept comma-separated values (so, no tabs or semicolons or such are allowed as delimiters). Would it be possible to attach a sample import file you used (edited, of course, to remove passwords, emails and other information that you may consider sensitive) - my primary interest with this would be checking the file form.