Batch Create doesn't send "site created" email on multisite using Pro Sites

When I enter a new user & subdomain on my MU install the user gets a full welcome email with their correct subdomain login path and credentials (I'm pretty sure it's the Pro Site welcome email)

When I use Batch Create, the subdomain is created, user is added, etc. But the email sent is a short email, subject "Your username and password" with just their auth info and the generic login URL, not their subdomain URL.

Of course when they login there they get a "you're not authorized to view this page" with a list of their domains below, which if they click they go to their site dashboard.

Unfortunately anytime you tell someone "you're not authorized" right after they enter their login, they quit reading and send in a support ticket.

What is needed to get the Pro Site welcome email sent out with Batch Create?

Is this something I can do manually (uggh!)