Batch Create followup registration and user roles

I am keen to use the Batch Create plugin to make users/profiles on Buddypress for the users who have given us consent to do so, with names email addresses etc.

However I have want to separate that into Students and Businesses, and in the fields that are asked when registering there is a drop down menu that allows them to select if they are Students or Businesses.

How can I allow Batch Create to do this also, or if not possible, how do I then change them to show that information?, (even if that means going into the backend of the account and changing some of that information, I would need instructions on how to do it though).

It is important they are separated in this way as I have a plugin which then allows for me to make a page directory listing the users depending on whether they are a Student or Business.

Also what would be the best role to set them? for use with the Batch Create Plugin?, one for those that I want to be able to make and edit their own blogs I set up on the multisite, (but not deal with superadmin or any of my sites content) and one where they can just comment on posts , cannot create blogs.

Please help, I look forward to your reply.

Many thanks, Sam