BATCH CREATE not importing new users to the right blog


I just purchased the BATCH CREATE plugin, and when I used the sample template provided it didn't quite work the way needed.

I'm trying to add new users to an existing blog we have. The URL is:

Using the plugin template, my csv file looked like this:

Site Name Site Title User Name User Password User Email null EricJones seashells

The import worked, but the person was not added to a specific site when I look at USERS in the admin section.

Any ideas why this isn't showing up?

  • topracer

    Sorry. OK, attached the template version of the file as well as the log file created when the import was done. This is only a test, so there are just two records I'm importing.

    Retried the upload. It DID add the two users; however, they have no blog assigned. So, when I sign-in using the new user's credentials....on the admin bar when I visit the MY BLOGS area - there should be a "TVHRA" blog site to go to, but nothing...they have no blogs attached to their username.

    Another question, once this gets working correctly:

    1. Will the WELCOME PACK plugin work for these new users added? If not, what's the best way to get a a mass email out to just these newly added users? Also, if it doesn't should (smile). Would be a nice feature..

    2. How can I add these people AND have them added to a specific group as well as they are imported? Is this possible, and if not, again what is the best way to mass import into a group vs. manually having to go in and add 270+ new members?

    Much thanks for your help.

  • topracer

    What a pain in the $%^%^&&**!!!

    - You say to save it as a .csv however, that file format is unsupported on this support.
    - You say rename the .csv file to .txt - doesn't work (see my prior post)

    Please do me a favor and take out the tabs on your end....can't do it here. There are only two rows. You should be able to see the end result easy enough. I can't get the dang file to upload.

    Or, send me your email to '' and I'll email you the small file to look at.

    ....what a headache.

  • Philip John


    Okay let's deal with the batch create bit first. You have two problems with your file;
    1. Tabs rather than commas. This does stop the import from happening.
    2. You need to remove the from the site name. I.e. becomes tvhra - this is why the users aren't being added to the site

    So, I've made these changes to your original file, saved it as a .txt and attached it to this post. You simply need to download it, rename to .csv and it should work fine on your set up.

    Onto your other questions...

    Will the WELCOME PACK plugin work for these new users added?

    It *should* do - I don't see a reason why not. Try it, and if it doesn't let us know!

    How can I add these people AND have them added to a specific group as well as they are imported?

    Honestly, that's a big ask and I think you're looking at custom development time there.

    Hope that all helps and gets rid of that headache :wink:


  • topracer

    The program instructions say to say in step 4: "Save your batch file as Excel 97-2003 OR a .csv file"......which I did when I tried my initial import. So, if this needs to be a comma separated text file, then the instructions need to be well as perhaps the step on how to do that.

    Most people would probably use Microsoft's SAVE AS feature, and just choose the file type CSV (comma delimited - not the same?) format thinking this will work (again, this is the option I tried).

    Accordingly, as I originally noted in the post, the IMPORT DID work (partially). Just didn't assign the names to a blog.

    I went in and changed the site name to just "tvhra" and that fixed the problem. All were imported ok, proper blog as well.

    However, FYI..the log file generated seems to show all import attempts EVER made. This should also be fixed so that it only show the log file for the latest import attempt...not all.

    As for the WELCOME PACK plugin doesn't. Only the basic Username/Password email is auto sent out.

    May want to forward a few of these thoughts to the developer...thanks for your help.

  • topracer

    For what it's worth, the end result is that i WAS NOT ABLE to use this import plugin at all. Because it wouldn't work with 'Welcome Pack' .... none of the imported names would receive the standard series of emails that go out for each one added.

    So, I ended up manually entering the 250+ names to the DB. UUGGHHH....

    Having it work WITH THE WELCOME PACK would be a real improvement to all who use that plugin with their website.


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