batch create on wp 3.0.1

when i upload the csv file, i get a quick msg. "It worked". but no blogs created.
posts the following msg.
"Items added to the queue"
from the manual, there is 2nd stage for process the queue to create blog.
i don't get that msg.
pls. see the screenshot.
i also attached the CSV.

please help me this is holding me.

thank you.

csv from notepad++
jamesqt1,1 James Blog,1jamesqt3,mainsblog31,
jamesqt2,2 James Blog,2jamesqt3,mainsblog31,
jamesqt3,3 James Blog,3jamesqt3,mainsblog31,
jamesqt4,4 James Blog,4jamesqt3,mainsblog31,
jamesqt5,5 James Blog,5jamesqt3,mainsblog31,