Batch Create Support

I am looking for someone whom can either get batch create working on my site or import the blog xls files to my site. The batch create was working at one point and it does not work now and I have 19000+ blogs to set up. I'm a tad bit peeved I have to keep forking out money for help to fix these issues after I've spent money for a membership here...there is obviously no support after the membership purchase.

  • Philip John


    If you feel you haven't received adequate support please send us details of the threads concerned through the contact form and we'll certainly look into it.

    As for your issue, can you tell me exactly what doesn't work? Do you receive any errors?

    How big is your batch file and are you able to supply us with a copy so that we can test it ourselves?

    You shouldn't need to hire a developer to use any of our plugins unless you want extra features.


  • ValBloomberg

    The Plugin isn't working I will upload a file and press the process que and it starts but then stops either processing just one blog or none at all. As I said before I was able to process 5 or 6 files ranging from 59 blogs to over 500 without a problem and then it just stopped working. I thought it might be another plugin conflict so I deactivated all plugins but batch create and that didn't work. I did pay to have DB-Multi installed on this site but I believe batch create still worked after this install.
    I posted on the WPMUDev Forum the issues I was having and didn't get any help from WPMUDev or the developer of the plugin. That thread can be found under "Batch Create not working".
    I need to have these blogs all installed by the end of the day so if you folks can't help me I have to find someone who can!

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