Batch creating sites on different hosting services

I have a number of domains pointing to a couple of hosting services and I want to use batch create in these domains to create new sites. It seems from the documentation that this is possible. I have 3 main questions. First, I have about 100+ sites split between the the hosting services so what are the main criteria for selecting a host for a multi-site network. Second how long would it normally take to configure the sites from single site to a multi-site network. Third, can I keep the existing themes?
Mark Malwah

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mark,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    If I understand your goal correctly, the "Batch Create" plugin wouldn't be the solution for you. It's a tool that let you create multiple sub-sites on a MultiSite install but it's not a "migration" tool that would let you "move" your existing single sites into a single MultiSite network.

    In order to migrate your single sites into one Multisite you would want to start with setting up a new - separate - Multisite WordPress install:

    Once it's up and running, you would want to move each of your single site into that new multisite. With 100+ separate sites that would be quite a time consuming process but would let you keep themes, content and even users. One way of doing it (though it's "unofficial") would be to use our "Snapshot Pro" plugin this way:

    1. Create clean sub-sites on Multisite first so to these sites your single sites would be migrated; for this particular task you might use Batch Create plugin that you asked about;

    2. Install Snapshot Pro on a Multisite

    3. Install Snapshot Pro on each of your single sites

    Then following steps should be performed for each single site separately

    4. On one of your single sites use Snapshot -> Shapshots option to create a full backup
    5. Download the backup archive file
    5. Upload it to "/wp-content/uploads/snapshots" folder on your Multisite
    6. On your Multisite go to "Snapshots -> Import" and hit "Import" button
    7. After archive file is imported go to "Snapshot -> Snapshots" on a multisite and hit "restore"
    8. You'll be warned that the backup doesn't come from that site and you'll be prompted to select a sub-site to which it should be restored; select one of the sites that you created
    9. Site should be then "restored" from backup to the sub-site of your choice
    10. You would want to run e.g. Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin on that newly restored sub-site in multisite to update URLs

    11. Repeat steps 4-10 for next of your 100+ single sites.

    As I said, it's time consuming but would let you incorporate all your separate single sites into one Multisite network.

    Another option would be to follow this guide. It involves a bit more "manual" work and in order to keep e.g. themes you would need to install them separately on your Multisite; it's however more "WordPress standard compliant":

    If you have additional questions, let me know please.

    Best regards,

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