bb-config.php path required for Buddypress Group Forums Install?

Hoping someone can help me with this. I am trying to install both sitewide forums and group forums. I've done all of the first steps (creating a page for Sitewide forums - Forums and one for Group forums - Group Forums) and now I am at the point of "installing" them.

[Please note: this is not my first time around with this version of WP and BP and question
is one that did not come up the last time I did this...around the first week of Jan this year?]

Okay, so my issue is this: "BuddyPress can make use of your existing bbPress install. Just provide the location of your bb-config.php file, and BuddyPress will do the rest." - See the Screenshot attached.

I can't find this file? Everything in my bbpress plugin is named "bbp-xxx.php" and I can't seem to find anything named "xxx-config.php" in that plugin at all? - See second screenshot.

Help please! I know from experience that it is very important to install the Forums correctly the first time around, follow the steps in the correct order (yes, I am one that doesn't like to read instructions; I'm learning not to be so hardheaded, haha :slight_smile: ). Because of this, I am hesitant to do anything until I know it is correct. I cannot seem to find any current information about this topic in either the Buddypress or bbPress forums. I'm hoping the collective knowledge here will save the day (again).

Sorry if this is a naive question - any help is greatly appreciated!