bbpress customization questions

hi there.
- installed and integrated bbpress with my wpmu installation
- installed the bbpress edublogs theme, will need to further customize it.
- my integration worked perfect, except for one thing: bbpress sees all my registered users, but claims they have no role. I'd realy hate to have to manually edit all users and give them memebr privileges. I googled around and all I found was this advice to isnert these lines:

$bb->custom_user_table = 'wp_users';
$bb->custom_user_meta_table = 'wp_usermeta';

into bb-config.php - can anyone confirm? has anyone got an idea what could have gone wrong?

- what plugins are you guys using with your bbpress isntallations? I wouldn't want to go through all of them and test which ones are working, so just share which ones work for you
- what are you using for spam protection? or is it enough to only allow loggd in users to post?