bbPress: Difference between Forum & Topic

Hi all,

What is the differences between Topic and Forum in bbPRess? Both seems to have the same purpose and functions where people can share their thoughts and other people can reply to such issues.

Any idea which is better for holding discussion? Should I use both or either one.

Highlighting some advantages and disadvantages might help beginner like me.. Thanks all..

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for posting

    topics are part of the forum.

    so you create a forum called 'forum' & another forum called 'forum 2'

    then the topics are created inside each forum.

    the 1st thread created by a user becomes a topic.

    then all posts/replies in that thread are just replies.

    in the case such as here.

    you have posted in the forum called 'General'

    so your post (this i am responding to now) is the topic (bbPress: Difference between Forum & Topic)

    so your initial post is the actual topic.

    hope that helps.


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