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Hello WPMUDev Community.
I designing a website for a client and I am creating forums on the clients Wordpress website using the bbpress plugin, my client wants the forum to work like you have the forums working on here and I wanted to see if anyone knows how to accomplish the below features like you have on your forums here:

-Create a Topic link opens in a popup
-Display user role next to thumbnail in forums
-Change the layout of the bbpress forum listings page similar to this (such as search bar above, widgets on right for latest topics and sticky-posts separated at the top.

Is anyone able to help me at all with any of this, Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Gabe

    These forums are built on an earlier version of bbPress (1.0.2) and as you can see have a significant amount of custom styling. This question has been asked multiple times before, so you might be able to dig up more information by searching the forums though I'm not sure how much you'll find.

    You could also take a peek at the source to see the JS and CSS stylings to get an idea. I guess you could just use simple JS for the popups, a hook for the user role and build a custom template to get the search bar, widgets and everything else where you want them. I assume since you're a designer and doing this work for a client you should have some insight into this unless you're just getting started, in which case it might be too steep of a learning curve for an early project.

    Aside from what you find in past post you could fill in the gaps with web design forums and whatever you can find in Google. These forums aren't very web design/custom theming centric as they primarily serve to support the plugins and themes. Sorry I couldn't provide anymore help, but I definitely agree with you...the design here is definitely pro shop, high-end kind of stuff.

  • Gabe

    Hey @MTB1701 you're right, good times!

    @SmartSite4u I'd build it into the theme if I were you. A plugin that does that is for unskilled users trying to make additions their site. If you're a developer/designer you're better off incorporating it into the theme for compatibility so future plugin updates don't break it.

    It's cliche, but start off with Google to find some code snippets and go from there. JS popups are pretty easy to implement and you learn how. I know this isn't much of an answer, but once you learn it you'll be a pro:wink: Also, there are much better places to get theme development tips than these support forums, there are sites completely dedicated to that. Hope this helps.

  • aecnu

    Greetings SmartSite4u,

    The styling and other related information/coding and/or the scripts involved we will never get out of the developers though lord knows I have tried as indicated in many places here in dev.

    Therefore Gabe's suggestion is the next best thing since it appears it is never going to happen with disclosure on how this exact system works or what coding is involved.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Community member!

    Cheers, Joe

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