bbPress Issue Viewing Topic with Protected Content

I've been trying to sort this issue out for several hours and can't seem to get it resolved. I thought it might be a misconfigured setting in protected content (PC) (as this is the first time we've used it), but I believe it's something else.

Stats: WP=4.1 | bbPress=2.5.4 | ProtectedContent=

We are using PC to protect discussion forums created in bbPress. (This is all that is being protected currently - although other content will be protected later). We have PC working, it is locking off the forums and signups function, as required. Once a user is signed in they are able to see the forums. (Non-members do not see the forums) ... All good. But:

The issue: When a signed in member clicks in to the forums to select a topic and post a comment, the user does NOT see the previous posts on the topic page. (See screenshot 01) They do see the Forum list and the Topics in the particular Forum they select, but once they select a topic and click in to post (or view prev posts) they only see the dialog box to enter a post. Interestingly, if they type up and submit a post, it DOES get added to the post list for that topic (but they have no feedback that this has happened.).

If we simply go to settings in PC and disable protection, then all post content becomes visible. (See screenshot 02).

Any insight into what may be causing this would be greatly appreciated!

SCREENSHOT01 (Protected Content ENABLED)

SCREENSHOT02 (Protected Content DISABLED)