BBPress: Members Posting Video & Other Media in Forums

Video & Other Media in Forums

Question: What plugin do I need to allow my members to post videos, images and audio on the BBPress forums, like this:

The member just uses the video url, and the site automatically embeds it. Here are the instructions from the site:

A group for sharing hooping videos, here’s how to post yours. 1) Go into our group forum. 2) Type in your title (please put something more than just “new video” or “hoop practice”:wink:, 3) Paste the url for your YouTube, Vimeo,, DailyMotion, Flickr, Hulu, Viddler,or Qik video into the content box (that’s it, will do the rest), 3) Scroll down a couple lines and tell us about your video, and 4) Hit the Post Topic button.

The WPMUDev manuals seem to indicate that forums won't accept video, audio & images - but there must be a way

Thanks so much,