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Is the WPMU DEV staff tracking the development of the BBPress plugin. You guys already have a great theme (Edublogs BBPress) theme available for it and I was wondering if you guys are working with the alpha and testing things out to keep your information and installation instructions up-to-date.

I've been watching the thread over at and it looks like John Jacoby is getting ready to update an alpha version of the plugin to the WP repository. I've considered getting it from the SVN, but I don't mind waiting a little longer until he's ready to update it in the repo.

My website desperately needs a forum and I've been waiting waiting for this plugin to be released. I don't mind installing alpha version software on my production site (working good enough is okay for me), but I'm thinking of using your Edu Blogs theme for it and am unsure about the whole process.

You guys are very good here, and I rely on your expertise, tutorials and installation guides to get things done. Are you keeping up to date with those developments and prepping your own updates here?

  • Mason
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    Hiya Saunt Valerian,

    We have been keeping an eye on the development there (it could also impact the BuddyPress themes for what it's worth) but they're progress has been very fluid - making it rather difficult to make any calls early on.

    We're definitely keep on bbPress though and will be following it's development through the alpha/beta and release. However, we can't guarantee any kind of support for alpha/beta products. There's just too much that can still change before release.

    If you run into any questions or issues though, feel free to bring them up. It's definitely something we'll be discussing. Heck, even these forums run on bbPress so we're pretty vested in the platform :smiley:


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