bbpress plugin realesed

... And i am very very very disopointed of it.

This is totally user UNfriendly, and totally UNusable on multisite cause of theme NON compatibility out of the box.

This is a mess. And at the moment, Mingle forum does not seem to want to enhanced its forum server for multisite, bbperss was the only alternative. Simplepress is just not an option on a multisite, too heavy.

So suggestion for 133 farm pack and all non buddypress themes : include the bbpress theme pack ?

or create the fancy traditionnal forum server as sugegsted in another thread long weeks ago Xd ^^

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Aphrodite,

    I've loaded up the plugin and played around with it just a bit but haven't really done any serious digging into it. I recall hearing something about theme compatibility but didn't notice any issues with that myself as yet.

    The BuddyPress update should be out very soon though, and I wonder if that may include an updated, integrated bbPress? If so, would that sort it for you?


  • Aphrodite
    • The Reaper

    if you use the default bbpress no problem !!!

    but :

    it will NOT work on other themes unless we do the mentioned modif on the themes.

    I dont like this concept, such as buddypress which use specific themes.

    This not mature and definitly unusable :slight_frown:

    the problem is not the main site, that will anyway work, but subsites, to offer a nice forum.

    bbpres is NOT a nice forum user friendly for multisite use !

    Or, it is possible, there is something i missed !

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