bbPress V2.x better admin/mod options

Current bbPress plugin is very very weak on the mod/admin options.

I would love to see a plugin that would allow threads to be moved between forums (like every other major “forums” product has). Or two entire forums merge together? or merge topics across forums too?

Right now you can only split or merge “topics” within the same forum, you can’t move them across forums either. All of these are essential in keeping things clean if users post them in wrong forums…

This is for bbPress 2.x which is as a WP plugin. I think similar things do exist for older bbpress versions.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey SeanA

    I'm sure you could most posts, but wanted to be certain so I went and had a little play. At first I thought…… I'm sure I saw the option…….

    You can move posts, you have to click on the edit post option to do that by the looks of it. See screenshots attached.

    Seems to be hiding :slight_smile:

    I too would like to see more functionality coming in bbPress. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • SeanA
    • Flash Drive

    Oh that is right, I just saw it! I have to admit it would make much more sense to put it in the “move” or merge option. but now I see it. Thanks! I guess this thread is useless now :slight_smile: Because if you can move them between forums, then you can merge them after.

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